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The  Fourth Russian nation-wide conference «GIS for Health Russia: Data, Analysis, Products” will take place in St. Petersburg, 25-26 of June 2015. The Conference will be dedicated to the modernization of health care service in Russia using GIS technologies.

The purpose of the Conference:

During the period of active modernization of Russian healthcare system, as well as development of public-private partnership in healthcare, the purpose of the conference is to demonstrate the best approaches and a real experience of effective use of geographic information systems in healthcare management on regional level (particularly — the data analysis and appropriate technical solutions).

Conference Highlights

  • The conference highlights the innovative experience of Medical Center for Information and Analysis (MIAC) in St. Petersburg in practical implementation of GIS for the national public healthcare system. MIAC uses GIS for solving problems of spatial analysis of medical and demographic data; for urban health governance; performing of internal control and administration; and as a referral service to inform people via information kiosks and through the official regional health portal.
  • The process of implementation of GIS as a core data-analytical system for decision-makers, professionals and citizens will also be in a scope of the Conference.

  • For the delegates there will be a tour along the rivers and canals of the historic center of St. Petersburg on a special sightseeing boat.


Public sector: more than 80 representatives of regional MIACs has been invited, as well as representatives of Russian regional/local healthcare and IT Departments (Committee), regional offices of Federal Service on Customers’ Rights Protection and Human Well-being (Rospotrebnadzor), individual specialists  (physicians who specialize in medical statistics, epidemiology, ecology, socio-hygienic monitoring), representatives of research institutes and universities, etc.

 Cost of participation  — 100$

  • The practice of the public sector: the specialists from MIAC of St. Petersburg, Committee on Health of St. Petersburg. All of them have more than 10 years of experience deploying GIS for Healthcare in largest metropolis of St. Petersburg, as well as professionals – epidemiologists from Moscow and other regions, who have experience using GIS for spatial analysis of spread of diseases.









  • GnosisGIS (
    International Society of Geospatial Health — GnosisGIS — is an open organization for individuals interested in providing and obtaining data and published models that are used in disease risk analysis geographic information systems. The objectives of GnosisGIS are to:- Facilitate collaboration of health scientists dedicated to development of GIS-based infectious disease forecast systems;
    — Publish the official journal Geospatial Health for peer-reviewed articles on health applications in the geospatial sciences for disease risk mapping and ecological niche modeling (;
    — Offer training courses on health applications of geospatial tools through an ‘International School of Geospatial Health’;
    — Sponsor an ‘International Symposia on Geospatial Health’ series at annual meetings;
    — Publish maps, data and metadata on the web on GIS health applications.
  • Federal Centre for Animal Health (FGBI ‘ARRIAH’)
    FGBI ‘ARRIAH’ is a powerful scientific and production unit which keeps a stable position on the market of veterinary preparations and guarantees the high quality of manufactured products.
    The main target of the Centre is the development of preparations and methods for diagnosis, prophylaxis and control of infectious diseases and production of highly efficient, ecologically safe preparations.
    The Centre carries out researches in the framework of several Federal Scientific and Technical Programs of priority orientation: «Veterinary Favorable Situation», «Biological Security», as well as international projects and develops scientific and technological cooperation with institutions of USA, France, Germany, Finland, Poland, CIS-countries. The Centre holds international statuses: ‘OIE Regional Reference Laboratory for Foot-and-Mouth Disease’ and ‘OIE Collaborating Centre for Diagnosis and Control of Animal Diseases in Eastern Europe, Central Asia and Transcaucasia’.

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